About Us

Shout Your Route was founded by three outdoor enthusiasts with radically different talents but the same shared love and gratitude for trails of all shapes and sizes, from boast-worthy extremes in the middle of nowhere to simple, local nature walks shared with family. We started this company in a dirt parking lot 50 miles from anything resembling civilization with the realization that there was no easy way for trail patrons to share and support their favorite trails at the moment that they would be most inclined to do so; the trail's end.

That trail end was the beginning of our concept for the broad distribution of commemorative merchandise for trail survivors and lovers that is heavily focused on active gratitude. For us, active gratitude means two things: (1) sharing your trail experience with others to encourage more participation, passion and appreciation for your trail and (2) supporting the trails themselves for generations to come.

A trail is more than Webster’s “a track made by passage especially through wilderness.” When properly maintained, a trail is a beautiful combination of human ingenuity and the limitless majesty of nature that can leave lifelong memories. That is something worth supporting; and Shout Your Route aims to do just that. A full 25% of all Shout Your Route revenue goes to a trail organization of your choosing. This is not a donation off our net profits but off every dollar in the door. Consequently, we may never make much profit, but we can still accomplish our main goal of active gratitude through trail support!

Shout Your Route is starting with high-quality, commemorative trail decals for your car, truck, bike rack, bike, mailbox or wherever you choose to place them. Like ourselves, these decals are made for the outdoors and are highly weather resistant and durable. And, we’ve got your trail, even the obscure ones (click here to prove us right!). Indeed the custom trail badges we offer are not just attractive and fun, they accurately reflect your journey.  Hundreds of real world GPS coordinates were used in creating each item, giving you the opportunity to genuinely shout your route. We plan to expand into additional commemorative trail merchandise, and we hope you will join us for the ride.

Our Founders

Greg, the CEO, is a lifelong mountain biker who has been riding since he was a kid. He is also an avid hiker and camper. He likes to do all these things when he's not working his ass off or trying to manage his six children. Sometimes he likes to do these things with his children. Other times, he does them to get away from them. Greg has a long history in graphic design and online marketing with his core successful business of custom candy boxes, known and loved online for over 10 years.

Dennis, the CTO, is the brains of the operation and our resident boy scout. He has been an extreme outdoorsman and hiker his entire life and actually has significant experience both as a boy scout and a troop leader. He does things right when no one is looking (unlike the next founder). When you are creating and updating over 100,000 products on a routine basis, some technology is involved. Dennis has been a high level IT professional for over 30 years with significant custom coding experience, all of which was needed to bring Shout Your Route online.

Rob, the General Counsel, is a freaking lawyer. He goes outside sometimes when he is not billing people $600/hour for something ChatGPT can do for free.

Our Mission

Our mission is to get a bunch of customers who like our stuff. We are hoping to build a bit of a trail community that likes to share and support wicked trails under our charitable brand.

Our Values

Support the outdoors is pretty much it. We cannot offer you a higher place in heaven but we can help everyone have a great time hanging outdoors here.